Lomba debat ini akan dilaksanakan pada Rabu 23 Januari 2019.

Lomba debat ini dilaksanakan khusus untuk mahasiswa UDINUS.

Peraturan-peraturan pelaksanaan debat dapat dilihat dalam file berikut:


  1. General Definition
  2. This competition is held by Dinus Festival – UDINUS
  3. This competition will be held on 23rd January 2019 at UDINUS
  4. Participation
  5. The participant are students of UDINUS.
  6. A team consists of 3 students of each faculty.
  7. Underlining the fact that this system the POI mechanism will also be implemented
  8. POI in WSDC parliamentary is mandatory.
  9. The speakers must deliver at least 1 (one) POI in a round. A Speaker must accept minimum 1 (one) POI in their speech.
  10. If this rule is not followed the score of the speaker will be lowered down by 1 point for every violation. (Maximum -2)
  11. The responsibility of speaker to deliver POI is not relevant to whether or not the POI is accepted. As long as the speaker delivered the POI it is counted as fulfilling their responsibility
  12. Every faculty could send 2 teams in this competition.
  13. Competition System
  14. This competition use Asian Parliamentary system. (5 minutes substantive, with POI)
  15. If there are 10 teams

The competition will use 3 preliminary round and 2 elimination round (QF,SF,GF)

  • The Day 1 will be used for the preliminary round
  • 4/10 top teams ranked from preliminary rounds will be selected to compete in the elimination round in the Day 2.
  • One round consists of roll call, VP check, matching up and room allocation, motion launch, motion preference, case building, debate, and verbal adjudication.
  • There are Prepared Motions and Impromptu Motions
  • 3 motions will be launched in each round under 1 heading and there will be Motion Preference mechanism.
  • There will be 2 minutes allocation  for Q&A
  • The case building time is 20 minutes for each round.
  • Speech duration for substantive speaker is 5 minutes and 20 seconds. With POI
  • Speech duration for reply speaker is 3 minutes.
  • The flow of speech is as follow:
  1. In the D-Day, Adjudication Core has right to conduct any necessary change regarding the competition system with the agreement of committee and participant.
  2. Adjudication and Tabulation
  3. The winner of each round is decided by 1 adjudicator or a group of adjudicators in odd number.
  4. There will be verbal after preliminary round 1 and 2. The rest of the round will be silent round.
  5. Teams who win in a round get 1 VP.
  6. Teams who lose in a round get 0 VP.
  7. The ranking system use Total Victory Point (VP) as first consideration, Team Score as second consideration, and Total Margin as the last consideration.
  8. Each debater is valued with a score ranged from 65 to 85 for substantive speaker and 32-42 for reply speaker.
  9. The total score of every debater is called Team Score.
  10. The difference of team score is called Margin.
  11. The speaker score is valued based on the contribution of each debater during the debate.
  12. Adjudicator(s) decision is final decision and there shall not be any appeal toward the decision.
  13. The debater has right to ask adjudicator for further explanation about adjudicators decision after each debate.
  14. Match up of the 1st round is decided by a lottery and the match up for the rest of the round is decided by the elimination bracket.
  15. The last standing team is the champion of the competition.
  16. The loser of the grand final round is the runner up of the competition.
  17. The 2nd Runner Up of the competition will be decided by a debate in a small final round.
  18. The speaker score in the preliminary round will he accumulated and a speaker with most score is called overall best speaker. The accumulation excludes reply speaker score.
  19. Competition Result
  1. The 3 speakers who have the highest score in preliminary round, those people will be crowned as the 1st Best Speaker, 2nd Best Speaker and 3rd Best Speaker.
  2. If the preliminary round resulted in more than one 3rd best speaker, the further determining factor will be their performance in the elimination round.
  3. The last standing team is the champion of the competition.
  4. The loser of the grand final round is the runner up of the competition.
  5. The 2nd Runner Up and the Semi Finalist of the competition will be decided by a debate in a small final round.
  • Specific Regulation
  • Team composition can’t be changed after the team is officially registered in the re-registration process.
  • The participant shall attend the venue on time.
  • The committee will tolerate any lateness in no more than 15 minutes.
  • Failure in attending the competition will result in an automatic disqualification for the team.
  • The debaters shouldn’t be helped by any parties including coach/teacher/supervisor in each round.
  • Debaters are not allowed to access any information from any place outside the debating chamber by using any device.
  • Debaters are allowed to bring personal stopwatch during the speech.
  • Printed materials are allowed to be brought during case building.
  • Debaters are not allowed to bring any printed materials during speech.
  • Any violence will result in staged punishment from verbal warning, public apology, until disqualification.

IV.      Technical Meeting

  1. Technical Meeting will be held on January 21st, 2019
  2. Every participant/representative is obliged to attend the technical meeting.
  3. A change toward specific technicalities is possible to be discussed in the technical meeting.

The Examples of motion



  1. TH Support the use of illegal methods to provide wider access to knowledge (e.g. sci-hub, hacking, unauthorized distribution of files and copies.
  2. TH would change the current curriculum of formal school in Indonesia.
  3. THBT versions of history taught by states through the education system should not be designed to promote national pride.


  1. THBT the Rohingya should prioritize advocating for an independent state over citizenship and acceptance within Myanmar.
  2. TH, as UN would give Venezuela humanitarian aid with no strings attached. 
  3. THBT the UN responsibility to protect is more important than its respect to national sovereignty.

*Note: UN is United Nation.